RoHs & DFARS Statements

RoHs Statement

RoHs is the European restriction of hazardous substances directive adopted on July 1, 2006 for electrical and electronic equipment. Material and finish content should not exceed the acceptable levels allowed for led, mercury, zinc clear chromate, PBB or PBDE.

Since 2005 Kaytech have been working with its suppliers to ensure that parts are complaint with RoHs directive. We keep our suppliers RoHs statements of compliance in file for customer review when requested.

Kaytech can assist customers to ensure that the products they buy from us are RoHs compliant. We can also identify specifications that call out non-compliant features and offer alternatives.

DFARS Statement

DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Supplement) 252.225-7014, Alt 1 requires that the material used in the manufacture of fasteners in the U.S. be melted and produced in the U.S. or a qualified country.

When DFARS 252.225-7014, Alt 1 is called out, Kaytech has the inventory and ability to provide products, test reports and documentation to assure compliance to the DFARS directive.